APRIL, 2015
The Oregon Trail Romance Collection

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Includes Anna's novella HIS FRONTIER FAMILY
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The first of a new series

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Working on my WHERE THE TRAIL ENDS series brings back a lot of memories from my childhood. I'm old enough to remember Saturday afternoon matinees at the theater complete with double features and "cliff-hanger" serials.  Many of those afternoons were spent watching westerns. Then came the popular TV series--Gunsmoke, Bonanza, and others.

My father--who was my hero right up to the day I married my beloved husband--absolutely loved the Old West. He read everything he could find by Louis L'Amour and even after his eyesight began to fail I was able to get him books by the famed author on tape that he could listen to. 

There is a wonderful display at the Milwaukee Public Museum of Native Americans on a buffalo hunt. The first time I took Daddy to see that I thought I might never get him out of there. My sister had a similar experience when she and her husband took him to see the museum in Cody Wyoming. So I'm thinking that writing Westerns after so many years of writing on other topics is somehow in my blood--it was destiny that I would get this opportunity and trust me every book in the series will be dedicated with love to my Dad.