About The Drifter:


"The author has done a fantastic job of writing an exceptional western novel which I totally enjoyed. You will want to read this because it's really that good!"

  • * "Excellent. What I really enjoyed about this book was how strong and determined she was. A woman trying to pick up the pieces that was left after the death of her father and her older brother packed up leaving her to take care of mother, sister and younger brother. Even though the pressure was on by the coming deadline to pay on her loan or leave the ranger. In steps Chet, he was a drifter looking for work. When he comes upon Maria’s ranch and that is when the story starts picking up the pace. Chet and Maria was a great love [story]. These two will have you cheering for them."
    Schmidt seamlessly integrates actual events… with her fictional characters…a strong    tale of hope and love in the face of insurmountable obstacles."

       ~ Publisher's Weekly

  • "...an exceptionally well-written story...the writing is vivid...in this heart-wrenching    story of love, forgiveness and perseverance."
       ~ Romantic Times, 4 Stars

  • *  Thank you Anna Schmidt for teaching me a new lesson in history. 

  • *  Definitely a stand out…exceptional historical research and authenticity. 

  • *  This is fiction at its finest, embodying truths of the human heart and soul. 

  • *  …great characters, lots of suspense and intrigue, heroism and romance. 

  • *  I wish I could give this story more than 5 stars...

  • *  a truly gripping story of love- family and togetherness- definitely a five star book-     and have your hankie ready- because tears will fall!!!